Click below to use or download a GPA calculator I created some time ago for law school. Its handy if your law school does not provide its students with a cumulative GPA, or if you would like to get an idea of where you will stand grade-wise. Your 'stats' (overall cum., credits to graduation etc.) are calculated to the right, and summer semester classes can be entered by scrolling to the bottom of the sheet. It is freely and easily editable, from class-name, to credit requirement, to letter-to-number correlation (chances are it corresponds to your school the way it is now). The calculator is easier to use (and slightly more attractive) when downloaded and used on your computer. However, in-a-pinch you can calculate your GPA in most modern desktop browsers by clicking the large button below. Its not the most beautiful (in fact it may even be "fugly" and crude), but I'm willing to bet you'll prefer using this to other GPA calculators, apps, and maybe even that law school advisor whose name you do not remember.