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I think I want an iPhone 6, but my 'Nexonaxy' envy is stronger than ever

The Writer

I genuinely enjoy using iPhone hardware and iOS, and Apple's phones have been my phone of choice since iPhone 3G. However, I have never been more open to purchasing an Android phone. This is due in large part to: how I use my phone today, the availability of very good Android hardware that may better fit my usage style, and how good Android OS has become. With this in mind, I've been thinking about a few non-negotiables, that if absent from the next iPhone(s), would push me toward an Android phone. 

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Really Microsoft? "Facebook [!?] to acquire Oculus Rift"

The Writer

Are you as surprised as I am that we didn't see a headline earlier this week stating that Microsoft was to acquire Oculus Rift VR company? Sony's Project Morpheus announced earlier this month, looks great. Microsoft will need to compete and have been working on an unannounced VR headset all their own. However, It would've seemed that Microsoft could have hit back doubly hard by acquiring the tried and true Oculus and their IP. 

I could have even seen licensing deal since VR headsets seem to be a cross between your display screen and controller. Both those things are often sold by third parties and licensed all the time. Additionally, Oculous being already built for PCs seemingly would need to go to no great lengths to work with Xbox One.  

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Cola and Net Neutrality

The Writer

Nilay Patel recently wrote an article for about Net Neutrality. Its a great rant, even if the title may alienate some. I will not repeat points about the impending and systematic killing of the Internet as we know it, for profit. It is enough that you understand that Comcast, Verizon and the like are Cola X and that Netflix and everything you love is Cola Y. Click the 'read more' tab below and watch the video to decipher the preceding gibberish.

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iOS 7: A Brief Visual Gripe

The Writer

Below are a few reasons why I can't love iOS 7. It's a good operating system and I want to love the OS, as discussed in 'Why I Prefer Mavericks as an upgrade to iOS 7'. However, there is this looming feeling during use that Apple went too far or didn't go far enough. After several months of using iOS 7 I finally understand what irks me the most about the OS: iOS 7 is a bit of a digital oxymoron. It manages to be polished yet unpolished, a little too gaudy yet a little too simplistic, very systematic in instances and not not at all systematic in other instances. 

What do I mean? Below is a brief visual guide of a few of my gripes.

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3 Amazing Things About Submarines

The Writer

Submarines or submersible watercrafts have been a long time in the making.

Just how long? (answer)


As weight is distributed throughout a submarine its position in the water is affected. For example, a submariner called a Trimming Officer must calculate the likely effect of all the stores, fuel and armament, which have been taken on.

How do submarines retain their position? (answer)


The first nuclear powered submarine, USS Nautilus (SSN 571) made its debut some 85 years after Verne's fictional Nautilus. Verne wrote about his vessel: “le pouvoir dynamique de mes machines est à peu près infini" or "“the dynamic power of my engines is nearly infinite."

Was Verne's prediction correct? (answer)


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The Buckeye Stops Here: Tesla Motors' Battle With Ohio Auto Dealers Association

The Writer

One more win for Tesla Motors against yet another Auto Dealer Association:

"Yesterday, a House committee declined to take up a one-paragraph amendment pushed by the Ohio Auto Dealers Association that would have blocked Tesla’s business model by prohibiting an automaker from owning an auto dealership. Dealers wanted to stick the amendment into a noncontroversial bill that would require drivers to move over when approaching a road-maintenance vehicle. But with Tesla representatives pushing hard, the committee passed the bill yesterday without amendments." (Columbus Dispatch)

It is understandable for automotive dealerships to be extremely fearful that their industry may one day be rendered obsolete by Tesla’s sales model. It is also understandable that auto-dealerships would like to get their hands on some of the money passing from consumers to Tesla. The question is whether auto-dealerships are entitled to remain in business or share in Tesla’s profits.

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