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Microsoft's Surface Studio is Beautiful

Microsoft's Surface Studio looks good. Really good. Preeminent technology companies seem to be on the same page these days. That is, if you want something done right and to your standards, do it all yourself; control the entire stack. Here is Microsoft's take on what total control looks like when building a modern desktop PC:

A stunning 28-inch PixelSense Display. 13.5 million pixels immerse you in TrueColorTM. At 192 PPI, the pixels are indistinguishable, delivering True Scale, where 12-point font on the display is identical to 12-point font on a printed page... All this, in the thinnest LCD monitor ever built at this size.
Effortlessly transforms from Desktop to Studio Mode. Surface Studio’s display moves weightlessly on the innovative Zero Gravity Hinge between upright Desktop Mode, down into Studio Mode. In Studio Mode, the monitor creates a stable 20-degree drafting table optimized for natural interactions... 
Workstation-class power and performance. With Quad-core 6th Generation Intel® CoreTM processors, a discrete NVIDIA® GeForce® GPU with up to 4GB GDDR5 memory, and up to 2TB Rapid Hybrid Drive storage... Surface Studio with discrete GPU is also powerful enough for the latest PC games or VR experiences, including HTC VIVE. Surface Studio supports Xbox Wireless, allowing you to connect up to four Xbox One-compatible controllers. (emphasis added).
Innovative and thoughtful accessories. Surface Dial is a new, wireless rotational peripheral with adaptive haptic feedback and 3,600 points of precision built for Surface. With customizable controls, Surface Dial delivers both on-screen and off-screen experiences that enable you to interact with applications in natural ways that deliver a fluid creative process... 
via Microsoft: see more specs

The Surface Studio is a brilliant implementation and refinement of the initial 'Table-PC' idea; we all remember the videos where your Windows PC was a coffee table that you would interact with through touch. Transforming your desktop into simply a desk is obvious, natural and smart. Satya Nadella’s Microsoft keeps streamlining its products and innovating at an impressive rate and it’s great to see the company all-in, combining its hardware prowess with its ever improving software. Speaking of software, the company is even more impressive when you consider that Microsoft’s continued success comes in an era where new Windows OSes – the sale of which was once the company’s primary source of revenue - have been available for free for the last few years.