Tesla Powerwall

This is exciting. Tesla's rechargeable lithium-ion battery for the home, Powerwall, looks like the Future. It may be the first viable option for supplying sustainable electricity to remote locations, dwellings during devastating natural disasters, and for those of us looking to unplug. Although only time will tell, combining Tesla's Powerwall with a good solar panel setup, will likely be the best option for anyone who needs electricity but looking to live, or already living untethered.

Automobile Dealers Fight “To [allegedly] Protect the Public” from Tesla Motors

First, no intelligent person believes that automobile dealers are fighting to stop Tesla from selling cars because they care about us consumers. While it is disgusting that automobile dealerships and various dealer associations have asserted “protection of the public” as a primary reason why Tesla should not be allowed to sell directly to customers, at least this type of action is expected by such entities. Simply, dealers and their lobbies are expected to be disgusting, slimy, and self-serving. What would be truly disturbing is if legislators and other politicos who should at least pretend to have consumer and U.S. economic best interest at heart, begin supporting ridiculous arguments and taking positions damaging to the market. Such arguments would be disrespectful to consumers, and waste judicial resources leading to outrageous litigation against essentially the essence of the already stymied American automotive consumer market: competition that begets progress.