The Eye Test: Part II

This is a continuation of a list of players that people playing fantasy basketball in 2014-2015 should draft and stay away from. There are also some indications of when you can take players, so you have an idea of who you can wait to draft and who you should pounce on. The projection of what round I expect the players to be taken in is based on the 14 team league with each team having a PG,SG,G,SF,F,PF,C (1-2), 2-3 UTILITY SPOTS, AND 3-4 BENCH SPOTS.

Side Note: This is part 2 of a 2 part post. If you haven''t checked out the first post, you should probably start there.

**fg = field goals, ft = free throws, fg pct/fg pctage = free throw percentage, reb/rebs = rebounds, blk = blocks, stl = steals, pts = points, asts = assists**


A young and promissing player. I would pick him in a heartbeat in the proper round ofcourse. His averaged about 14pts/game, 4 rebs, 4 assists, 1.5 steals and a 3pt'er a game. His biggest asset is in getting steals. Next is his point production. He contributes across the board and he has to do a lot for the Magic to be competitive which is a great recipe for fantasy.

Isiah Thomas

The numbers he put up this year, i would argue elevate him to a 2nd round consideration. He scores in bunches, he amasses lots of assists, he gets lots of steals, he gets to the ft line a lot. He shoots over 80% from the line. He can hit 3's. He is an offensive force. 2nd rd projection.

D Cousins

Picked up a bunch of technicals, but didn't do anything to really jeopardize him playing in every game and this is all after getting paid. This was a great year for him and i think he's going to continue his maturity, Melo is taking him under his wing. He scores, rebs, passes the ball well, good ft shooter, gets to the line a lot, he blks shots and gets steals. A true stat filler. He shouldn't be available after the 2nd round.

Rudy Gay

Frustrating. Puts up decent numbers but is inconsistent and you always want to believe he is going to be better than he ends up being. He's a player you should temper your expectations about. He can score, rebound a little bit, but for the most part although he has the talent and ability to be a stat filler, he likely will not be. I would avoid drafting him unless he fell past the 6th rd then i would give him more consideration.

Ricky Rubio

Still limited offensively. He still does not have a jump shot a few years into the league. He is a great assist machine and gets lots of steals, but the razzle dazzle he plays with doesn't translate into fantasy wins. He doesn't shoot a good fg percentage and can hurt you if teams force him
To be a shoot first point guard by staying home on the other Twolves. I would avoid picking him if I could, but if you pick him, try to have your other guards supplement the weaknesses of rubio's game. Thus, the other guards need to be good fg shooters woth high fg percentages and they should rebound a little and have a low number of turnovers. Rubio does have a tendency to turn the ball over also.

Jr Smith

I'd stay away from JR Smith. I wouldn't pick him up until the 12th rd or after. His potential doesn't outweigh his actual inconsistent play. And with Mike Woodson no longer there
Monitoring JR, it could be back to partying and unprofessionalism, which was the reported case many times during these past 2 yrs. JR relies on talent too much and has not really improved his game besides improving his shooting since he came into the league. He's one of those players who constantly has lost the battle between the ears which has stunted his development as a player. There's nothing that has indicated to me JR will be making good decisions this upcoming yr.


Pretty consistent, but i worry about the mileage he is putting on his body and how much he has left in the tank. He's an exceptional shooter, scores, great ft shooter, rebounds, he won't get many blks or steals, but enough blks to contribute. He can pass the ball but on this team is asked to shoot more than pass, so don't expect too many assists from him.

Vince Carter

Can be a great value pick late. He is a 3pt specialist. He has infinite range, he hits 3's in bunches. He scores points, he can get a steal here and there, but really you'd
Just be getting him for the pts and the 3's.

Shawn Marion

Very good piece to a championship team. He contributes in many categories. He scores at a decent rate, he rebounds, he gets steals and blocks, he does a little bit of everything which has allowed him to maintain value even though he has logged many miles and minutes.

Paul Pierce

Good player, but just a piece on a fantasy roster. He is a bit inconsistent from the fantasy aspect. He shouldn't probably be drafted until the 10th rd or after and even the 10th rd is high for me. I'm thinking he's more of a 12-15rd pick.

Joe Johnson

I would stay away from drafting him. He's one dimensional fantasy wise. He only scores, he hits 3's and is a good ft shooter but that's it. Many games he'll have only 1 or 2 rebounds while being the biggest guard on the floor playing about 30min/game which is terrible. He's not a piece on a championship fantasy team. Don't be fooled he isn't asked to do the same things he was asked to do in Atlanta so he probably won't ever put up those type of numbers while in BK or matter of fact ever again in his career.

John Wall

Another stat filler that deserves 2nd rd consideration. A year removed from knee surgery, he looks healthy and has become more effiicient. He scores, gets to the ft line and makes fts, he gets steals in bunches, he is good for assists, he can hit a 3pt'er here and there.


Interesting pick. I was curious to see how Gortat's arrival was going to affect his productivity. He and Wall are developing a good repour but Nene is inconsistent fantasy wise in categories such as blocks, steals, and assists. He doesn't rebound as well or as consistently as he should for a PF/C with that strength and size.


Great value pick who gets a bad rap as just a 3pt shooter. Korver gives you production across the board. He scores, hits 3's which is obvious, but he also rebounds, passes the ball well, and he plays defense well enough that he can contribute a block from time to time. B/c of Korver's label as per the misconception of Korver's game that he is only a 3pt shooter, he tends to fall to the later rounds and can be had around the 7th round or later, and he provides great value for a pick in those rounds.

Deron Williams

Another frustrating player I would stay away from. He has become increasingly prone to injury; his production has fallen off recently and I think that this is just an indication of even more of the decline in his game that is to come.

Miles Plumlee

Had a hot start to the season and fell off hard. For the first 2/3rds of the season he was a monster shot blocker and rebounder. He chipped in points where he could and was a bad ft shooter but didn't go to the line much which minimized how much that could hurt your team. I think he will be able to get his conditioning and confidence up this season. I also think that the coaching staff will work with him on improving his offensive game to be more consistent. I think because of how he fell off in the second half many managers will overlook him, but under Coach Hornacek i think he will thrive. If you need boards and blocks then you should give him a serious look. I'm thinking he'll be a 9-10th round steal. As a big to stash on your bench for depth but he'll give you better numbers than that.


He was excellent off the bench, but is poised to become a starter. The bulls need to move on from Carlos Boozer. Taj Gibson is better defensively, one of the top shot blockers in the league this past year, he has improved his offensive game immensely. He shoots a high fg percentage, is a decent ft shooter in the mid 70% range, doesn't turn the ball over too much, rebounds well, and is very active defensively. Managers were probably scared off because he wasn't a starter and bench minutes can limit production, but Taj maximized his time on the floor consistently.


Now asked to do a bit more on Cleveland. It took some time to adjust and the shock of being downgraded from a playoff contender to a lottery team affected him. But next year after and offseason with Kyrie & Hawes and Waiters he should settle in a bit more.
He scores, rebounds, and gets steals. He also contributes a bit in the passing game with about 3 assists/game.


A stretch big. He likes to shoot the 3, makes a good number of them, he rebounds and scores well. His fg percentage may not be as high as other bigs b/c he shoots so many 3's but he also blocks shots. He is a very versatile piece and contributes in a lot of ways. The fact that his is a big that can hit the 3 as well as blocks shots really appeals to me. I would pick Hawes.

Lance Stephenson

For his versatility and the overall numbers he put up this year he may have earned a late 2nd rd or early 3rd round consideration. Now, he's a decent midrange jump shooter, he passes the ball very well, not many turnovers, can get to the ft line, shoots a good fg percentage, scores, gets steals and can get an occasional block.


Early 2nd rd pick. Scores at a high volume, rebs very well, gets lots of assists, hits 3's, gets lots of steals, gets blocks, is a good ft shooter. His only weakness may be turnovers but even that he has improved. He is definitely worth a 2nd round pick.


Coming off of injury. Be very weary of him. He's been injured a few times the last few years and his latest injury kept him out the entire year pretty much. He will need to show that his legs are strong and can withstand the rigors of playing the game. I would not pick him. I've been burned by taking Rose in his comeback year with my second or 3rd pick and I've taken Rondo this past year when he didn't return til about the ALL-Star break. He shoots well, hits fts, doesn't do much else. He may rebound a little bit, but not  I feel like he has little fantasy value.

Wilson Chandler

He can shoot the 3, he rebounds, and he scores in general. The Nuggets are a bit of a mess and things aren't looking good for Coach Bryan Shaw. I would be very weary of picking him up. He has been very inconsistent since Shaw has been at the helm. Everyone outside of Lawson on the Nuggets is on my do not draft list.

Josh Smith

The most frustrating player in the league. He put up decent stats across the board except for his declining fg percentage because he loves to live on the perimeter and his putrid free throw shooting. I feel like he is the main reason that Joe Dumars stepped down. The Pistons could be a championship contender if both Smith and Jennings got their heads on straight. He scores, but misses a lot from long range which makes him like a 40-45% shooter at best, he hits a sparing 3, he rebounds but those rebounds can start to dry up with a front line that consists of Drummond and Monroe, he has the ability to pass the ball well, but he's never met a 3's he didn't want to take. He is on my DO NOT DRAFT LIST and he's at the top of it. The frustration that his decision making on the court will bring you is reason enough not to draft him. 


He is a very versatile player. I'm interested in seeing what new wrinkles that Marc Jackson puts in during the off-season. He can steal the ball, he can hit the 3, he rebounds, he scores, he racks up assists (he initiates a good amount of the offense when teams start trying to take the ball out of Curry's hands or if Curry is not on the floor), he can get a block here and there because of his length. He is a bit inconsistent and although I don't think of him as injury prone, I feel that when he is injured or gets injured the injuries are nagging and effect him for longer than usual. 


A waiver wire pickup. Because Bogut gets injured so often, I treat him like he is on a series of 10 day contracts when it comes to considering whether or not I'll pick him up. I have to be in dire need of boards and blocks to consider picking him up. He's a great shot blocker and rebounder when he can stay on the floor. 

David West

Pretty consistent. Averaged about 14pts and 7 boards a game this season, he also racked up about 1 steal and 1 block per game. He's a consistent big man, who shoots a good FG percentage, shoots well from the FT line. He shouldn't be your best big man on your team, you should have someone who rebounds and blocks at a higher rate, but he is an excellent 2nd best big on your fantasy squad. 

Ryan Kelly

Poised for a breakout year this year. The problem here is all this rhetoric by Lakers GM Mitch Kupchak about possibly trying to retain Gasol this off-season. Just move on already. Gasol has not been happy there in years, he's already which Laker-Nation farewell, let the man move on. If Gasol stays, that will stunt Kelly's growth, but I think that Gasol will be moving on and Kelly will be inserted in the starting lineup. Now, this is all very speculative because the Lakers' roster is set to have a very dramatic turnover this upcoming season so a wait and see approach is best here. That being said, I think Kelly is a late round sneaky pick that will return high dividends. 

Kendall Marshall

An under appreciated point guard who played well and played exceptionally during fantasy playoffs. He scores and passes the ball well. He really was productive after Steve Blake was traded. It is yet to be seen who the Lakers keep, but if Kendall Marshall is [pegged to be the opening day starter, I would pick him up. He will likely slide until after the 6th round. Which is when you can start considering picking him up based on your need and attempt to create depth.


The Tony Kukoc of the Heat, straight whipping boy. Whenever something is going wrong and someone needs to be scolded or berated during the game RIO is your guy. He gets steals, scores a modest amount, can hit the 3, passes the ball but is totally in the shadow of Lebron. I would not pick him, doesn't do enough and is a bit inconsistent from a game to game numbers standpoint for my taste.  


He is just broken. He misses lots of games in season and him taking a secondary role, sometimes translates into him take a tertiary role to both Lebron and Bosh. He doesn't do as much as he once did, and I'm more inclined to pick a player who stays on the floor more even if he averages me less production per game. I would not draft Wade as he ages I think he'll be more inclined to suffer an injury that keeps him out for a significant period of time, time that's too precious if you're trying to make a fantasy run. 


1 of the 2 only other Heat players I would consider having on my roster. Bosh with this new found propensity to hit 3's gives you even more, he rebounds (as they are undersized), he blocks shots, he can get an assist or two, He shoots a good percentage and he can make free throws. He can be a valuable asset, just don't overvalue you him. He tends to fade for a few games at a time during the season when other role players are getting their shine on. 

Kevin Martin

He is a good shooter, excellent free throw shooter, has a high fg percentage for a guy who largely lives on the perimeter. He scores and hits 3's but that's about all you'll get out of him. Don't expect more than that and some made free throws. He hasn't ever really expanded the rest of his game so don't expect him to now. I would look for more well rounded players than him, but if your looking for a scoring specialist, he could be your guy.

Brandon Knight

Volume stats, especially offensively. He hasn't been told to curb his shot taking yet because the Deer don't mind being a lottery team for at least another year. He'll likely score close to 20 points a game this year, he'll rack up about 7 assists per game, he rebounds well for a guard, he gets steals. He isn't a great shooter, so fg percentage will likely remain low and he turns the ball over a lot. Fantasy wise he is a stud, he puts up lots of stats in a bunch of different categories and playing for a bad team he will get his share of minutes. I would pick him in Rd 5 or Rd 6th if he falls that late.

Brandon Jennings

I can't deny his talent nor his potential. Despite him being a player that severely underachieved last year based on the talent he had around him, I think there is a 50/50 shot that he will have a better season this year and will put up really good stats. I would take a chance on him if I could get him in the 4th round. 

Giannis Anteokounmpko

A potential major sleeper. I envision him being a poor man's Loul Deng because of his size and length, although the Bucks seem to want him to be a shooting guard as oppose to a small forward which he may be better suited. He has to gain some strength and he has a lot of offensive developing to do. He is long and has tenacity on defense which I believe will translate into him getting lots of steals. I also think that he will work on a midrange 15-17 foot jump shot this summer which will help him contribute about 10pts per game. He can rebound and because of his length he can get a block or two on occasion. He is young and raw, but with a little bit of improvement this summer and increased playing time about 25-30 minutes/game consistently, I feel like he can be a steal in rounds 12 or later. 

Jason Smith

Started off the season well and was a good compliment to Anthony Davis. Injury derailed his season and he was never able to make a full recovery and recapture his earlier production. He rebounds, blocks shots, shoots a high fg percentage because a majority of his points came around the hoop. He can be a great value pick in the draft because he's not a name that stands out and not many people are paying attention to the Pelicans. However, one thing to watch out for is whether Ajinca or another big man emerges as the starter ahead of Smith, which was diminish his value immensely. Smith is only worth drafting if he is a starter. Also, monitor the re-emergence of Ryan Anderson which will likely cut into Smith's minutes. 

Ryan Anderson

A couple of years ago he was one of the league's best 3 point shooters and he would hit 3's in droves. Last year was an injury filled season for him and he hardly played. He is still in the Pelicans plans and he will likely get about 25-30 min./game. He is likely to slide in this year's draft because of all the injuries, but I envision him making his way back into the rotation and challenging both Anthony Morrow as well as Smith for minutes. 

Eric Gordon

Another member of my DO NOT DRAFT LIST. He gets injured way to often and as the Pelicans amass young talent he is asked to do less. He know longer initiates the offense much because Holiday and Evans have taken on that responsibility. With that being said, he only really contributes points, 3 pointers, and shoots a good free throw percentage. His assists have declined and this is all assuming that he is on the court because he is a candidate to miss about 1/3rd of the season due to injury every year. The Pelicans may be looking to move on from him anyway, so monitor that situation and see who can benefit from his departure.  

Tyreke Evans

A stat filler without a jump shot. His shooting percentage will be putrid if enough teams pack in the paint and dare him to shoot. He is in dire need of a jump shot. He rebounds well, passes well (the Pelicans like to use him to create for others offensively which will inflate his assists numbers). His inconsistent play is usually attributed to his mindset. When he is in attack mode and is trying to get the ball into the paint forcing the defense to collapse he is very effective, if he is even slightly passive he will put up a line that reflects that lack of activity. He is very frustrating because he has so much potential. I think he should put up Lance Stephenson type numbers if he works on his jump shot and commits himself to playing defense which the Pelicans are in dire need of.  

Aaron Afflalo

A stud and a 2nd/3rd round pick I know the second round sounds high, but over the last two years he has been really consistent, does a lot for his team and is a good player. He scores very well, he hits 3's, he gets to the free throw line and hits them, he rebounds, he passes the ball well enough, and he gets steals. He does not turnover the ball at an alarming rate although witht he ball being in his hands as much as it is don't be shocked if his turnovers increase especially with the strong possibility that Jameer Nelson could be on his way out.

Eta'wun Moore

If Jameer Nelson does not return to the Magic, he may deserve a look because he'll get the minutes and he does know how to pass the ball, He will be surrounded by enough offensive players that the assists will be there as long as he delivers the ball. 

Henry Sims

He would have to be 1 of my 3 biggest sleepers. I think he is poised to have a big year if he can secure the starting spot at Center. The vacancy left by Hawes being shipped off for pretty much nothing to Cleveland opens up a major opportunity for Sims. There isn't much competition for Center minutes based on the present construction of the roster right now, so I expect Sims to explode in Rebounds and Blocked Shots. Any points he can contribute will be a bonus. I think he can be what Larry Sanders was 2 years ago when he burst on the scene. 

James Anderson

Filling in Evan Turner's recently vacated spot as the starting SG for the 76ers, he did a good job. He is a good scorer and is likely to be overlooked for a while in most drafts so he may be able to be had late and he'll likely be a starter unless the 76ers get a stud in the draft then the two positions that could immediately be challenged would be SG or Center, possibly PF is Young continues to insist on being traded but he's too valuable to the 76ers even if they don't know it yet.

PJ Tucker

Very gritty. He is the best rebounding SG in the league. He rebounds, he hits 3's, he shoots a decent fg percentage, he gets steals in bunches, he plays tough defense and may will himself to get you a block here and there. He can hit free throws and his tenacious defense forces Coach Hornacek to play him considerable minutes. He is a good piece on a championship team. He's a steals and rebounding specialist from the guard position. 

Channing Frye

Not just a 3 point specialist. Ohhhh no no no no, you would be mistaken to think such a thing. His main asset is that he takes and makes a lot of 3's but he has developed a solid mid-range game with a reliable mid-range jumper. The fact that he is 6-10/6-11 allows him to get off his shot pretty much unimpeded almost every time. He rebounds, gets blocks, hits 3's, scores, hits free throws, and can be had later in the draft around round 6 or 7. 

Wesley Matthews

Great 3 point shooter. He also takes the ball to the rim enough to help make sure that his shooting percentage doesn't get too close to 40%. He's a specialist although he can contribute in a few other areas he mainly just hits 3's, and he gets about a steal a game. He can pitch in with a couple of rebounds and a couple of assists also to make him a decent pick in the later rounds. I think he's a 6th round pick when you start filling up your roster with specialist to help you in particular categories.

Danny Green

Which way will the pendulum swing next year. Will he have a good season or a poor shooting season. These past two years have been such stark contrasts that i just don't know but he is a good player and he does take and can make a lot of 3's. 

Amir Johnson

Had a better year this year than years past, He is a good shot blocker, Lowry can get the ball to him for some easy baskets, he rebounds the ball well, he gets minutes and the Raptors need him to be good in order for them to have a chance at being a good team. He is a big man that can likely be had after the 7th round, and if you're in the need for a big man at that point he could help you fill the void. 

Gordon Hayward

Worthy of a 2nd/3rd round pick. He scores, he assists, he can get a steal/block here and there. He basically has to do it all for the Jazz. It's him and Trey Burke. Favors was a disappointment, Kanter was inconsistent, and Jefferson is a bit too old to be a significant contributor anymore. Marvin Williams is determined not to break out and keeps his name hovering around in the whether he's a bust or not conversation. He'll likely play the entire year, pretty durable, a really good shooter and he makes his free throws. 2nd/3rd pick seem high and he likely won't be picked that early but that's the kind of production he seems to give, closer to (3rd round value than 2nd). great value pick in the 5th round if you can scoop him up there. 

Trey Burke

Interesting young point guard. He experienced the expected bumps and bruises that a young point guard usually endures. He turns the ball over too much and is trying to find his footing in the league. He did improve toward the latter end of the season and I expect that with an off-season or working out, working on his jump shot and jelling with his teammates, he'll be more efficient and a better fantasy producer. Hayward needs some help and I think Burke is in line to be that help. He can be had later in the draft after most other point guards have been taken. I wouldn't mind taking a flier on him in the 6th or 7th round. I think he will return good value if picked in that range.

Enes Kanter

A puzzling big man. He could have a stretch of 3-4 really strong games and then he dramatically regresses to being a non-factor and he repeats that trend numerous times throughout the season. I would stay away from him, but would monitor his production if he was dropped by another manager because he may get his game together and be a formidable big man in this league. With being such a high pick at #4, he will continue to get the opportunity to develop and the minutes to showcase his development/production.


Happy Drafting.