Kyrie Irving

The Eye Test: Part I

This is a list of players that people playing fantasy basketball in 2014-2015 should draft and stay away from. There are also some indications of when you can take players, so you have an idea of who you can wait to draft and who you should pounce on. The projection of what round I expect the players to be taken in is based on the 14 team league with each team having a PG,SG,G,SF,F,PF,C (1-2), 2-3 UTILITY SPOTS, AND 3-4 BENCH SPOTS.

The top tier - Lebron, KD, Anthony Davis, George, Al Jefferson, Harden, CP3, Blake Griffin, Melo, Noah, Aldridge, K Love ... All early 1st round picks, so I won't spend too much hot air on them, pick who you believe in and who you have the chance to pick based on your draft position in round 1, but for the later rounds...