Moto X: 2 Cents

Lots of speculation going on about the Moto X, and no doubt you have seen the picture  of the excited couple leaping to their doom with nary a lifeguard in sight. There are rumors of minor exterior hardware customization, which is likely since this is fairly easy, having little to no impact on manufacturing processes. Additionally, the phone will be assembled in the USA making the time from consumer order, until the Moto X is in hand short, and thus feasible. 

I have two interesting things to add to the whirring rumor mill of the impending Moto X.  First, this is still not the Google phone that tech nerds, geeks and consumers with their ear-to-the-ground have been waiting for. That is, while this phone has seen decidedly more input from Google than any past Motorola phone, Google has still not expelled the level of energy that one would expect post acquisition of Motorola mobile on this phone. That phone, will be next years phone.  Second, and more predictably, the screen will be 4.7 to 5 inches.

Whatever the case, I’m very much looking forward to the Moto X. Undoubtedly Google’s focus on durability, battery life, and rich feature customizable software for their yet to be fully realized phone hardware wing, seeped through into the phone we will see this month. Google will be briefing a small group of tech insiders around July 11th, and training employees on the Moto X even before then in Chicago and elsewhere. Lets see what happens.

Update 8/1/2013

Motorola revealed the Moto X in New York City today. Looks like what I heard about it was not far off base. However, this guy seems at least a little bit off base stating, "The Moto X, announced today, marks the arrival, finally, of the Google Phone." Good-looking phone in black though.