Its not your stream box, its your rubbish remote

If you care about streaming video and other media you’re probably familiar with the plethora of "stream boxes" available for media consumption. None are awesome; most of the ones you’ve heard of are decent. I've been using Rokus since 2008, or about the time Netflix lifted their cap on streaming. It has always been a solid option ("no one ever got fired for buying a [Roku]"), and now we have several other options, such as Apple TVAmazon Fire TV, or Google Chromecast - to name any other stand-alone stream box you should consider purchasing. Of course there are also the consoles, PlayStation 4Xbox One and Nintendo’s horribly underpowered, still-no-HD-Zelda-box, to name the latest. With the vast majority of these stream boxes you will be able to watch the non-negotiables: Netflix, HBO Go, Hulu Plus, YouTube, or Amazon Prime. As you might expect, there are a few annoyances in content procurement, like iTunes and Apple TV exclusivity. Streaming content on any of the devices mentioned above is a fair experience, but not devoid of stutter, lag and freezing during rewind, fast forward and playback - even with the abundance of processing power in the meekest of said devices.

Ultimately however, the biggest problem by far is not that you can't get content, but...

Satechi's Bluetooth Remote Adds a 'Siri Button' to Your Car

Satechi's bluetooth remote adds a 'Siri button' and may save you a traffic ticket or worse.

We really shouldn't be fiddling with our phones at all while we drive, whether it be to answer a text or enter a navi location, or simply to play some music. For such obvious reasons I decided to install some sort of remote for my iPhone. After some research, I went with the only real choice, the Satechi Bluetooth remote for iOS. The quick verdict? It works extremely well.