iPhone 6 Plus: The Burden of Abundance and Choice

It has been one week since Apple announced new iPhone models. During that time, the commentary has been most surprising (although maybe it should not be) on many popular tech sites and from video bloggers surrounding the larger model, the iPhone 6 Plus. Some people seem taken back at just 'how large' the 5.5 inch iPhone 6 Plus appears. I use "appears" since many, like myself, have not had a chance to experience the phone in person. Even individuals claiming that the iPhone 6 (as opposed to the 6 Plus) will be their next device seldom talk about the iPhone 6. Stranger still, persons with no plans to purchase an iPhone 6 Plus, and with seemingly no good reason to do so, have heavily focused on this phone. Without ranting too much, I believe this exemplifies a common problem in our society; namely, the burden of abundance and choice.

I think I want an iPhone 6, but my 'Nexonaxy' envy is stronger than ever

I genuinely enjoy using iPhone hardware and iOS, and Apple's phones have been my phone of choice since iPhone 3G. However, I have never been more open to purchasing an Android phone. This is due in large part to: how I use my phone today, the availability of very good Android hardware that may better fit my usage style, and how good Android OS has become. With this in mind, I've been thinking about a few non-negotiables, that if absent from the next iPhone(s), would push me toward an Android phone. 

iOS 7: A Brief Visual Gripe

Below are a few reasons why I can't love iOS 7. It's a good operating system and I want to love the OS, as discussed in 'Why I Prefer Mavericks as an upgrade to iOS 7'. However, there is this looming feeling during use that Apple went too far or didn't go far enough. After several months of using iOS 7 I finally understand what irks me the most about the OS: iOS 7 is a bit of a digital oxymoron. It manages to be polished yet unpolished, a little too gaudy yet a little too simplistic, very systematic in instances and not not at all systematic in other instances. 

What do I mean? Below is a brief visual guide of a few of my gripes.

2013 iPhone (5S / 5C)

2013 iPhone (5S / 5C)

It looks as if there will be an iPhone announcement on September 10th this year. So far it seems all but certain that a fingerprint scanner will be built into the home-button of the next iPhone, at least the premium model. This has fostered a lot of talk about a convex home button, so designed to house a biometrics sensor. However, a convex home button seems wrong. It just doesn't seem to go with the aesthetic of the iPhone. Perhaps if it was flat, or just barely convex to the point where it is not discernible I could understand. Otherwise, I would think Jony Ive would not build in the equivalent of an obvious "outie" belly button into the iPhone for any reason. No offense to all the beautiful people with "outie" belly buttons.

Satechi's Bluetooth Remote Adds a 'Siri Button' to Your Car

Satechi's bluetooth remote adds a 'Siri button' and may save you a traffic ticket or worse.

We really shouldn't be fiddling with our phones at all while we drive, whether it be to answer a text or enter a navi location, or simply to play some music. For such obvious reasons I decided to install some sort of remote for my iPhone. After some research, I went with the only real choice, the Satechi Bluetooth remote for iOS. The quick verdict? It works extremely well.

Hey SEGA, how about an iPhone game controller?

Hey SEGA, how about an iPhone game controller?

I wrote this a few years ago.  Of course, it either fell on deaf ears or more likely, was relegated to junk email abyss. Still, I think it was one of my superior harebrained schemes. 

Greetings SEGA,

What if you could make a handheld system that could eat into the Nintendo DS market by making what is essentially only a controller?

 Imagine that.  A fraction of the cost and you would have your own portable system more powerful than Nintendo’s DS, and rivaling Sony’s PSP, by only making an accessory.

... Analog controls coupled with a multi-axis accelerometer would be utterly amazing for controlling a fighting or first person game.  Imagine tilting the system to strafe, but still having a real button to fire.  All this in a Hand held system would put that system miles above the competition.  

Delve into the post for the rest of the letter and more mockup pics.

DIY Phone Dock and BlackBerry Remote Stereo Bluetooth Gateway

No matter what automobile manufacturers tell and sell you, nowadays you only need one thing for infotainment in your vehicle – your smartphone. Like you, I use my iPhone for listening to Pandora, Mule Radio (the talk show, new disruptors etc.), Podcasts (The VergeCastScience FantasticThe Joe Rogan ExperienceThe Critical PathBill Burr’s Monday Morning Podcast etc.) and for navigation. With voice assistants like Siri built into any real mobile phone, its also safer to use your phone while keeping your eyes on the road than ever. I don’t need the elaborate multi-screens designed to look as if they run android, iOS or the like. In fact, it is quite telling that automobile manufacturers will not work more closely with Apple or Google, and just allow certain apps (Google maps /iOS maps) to be mirrored unto our vehicle screens.  These actions tell you that automakers really don’t care about truly integrating vehicles with prominent mobile OSes. Truth be told, automakers think you are just stupid enough to be fooled and satisfied with a vastly inferior more expensive system. They’re betting that as long as the icons on their OEM screens looks similar to an iOS or Android icon you will remain lobotomized, as they take the load off, via your wallet.