Hey SEGA, how about an iPhone game controller?

Hey SEGA, how about an iPhone game controller?

I wrote this a few years ago.  Of course, it either fell on deaf ears or more likely, was relegated to junk email abyss. Still, I think it was one of my superior harebrained schemes. 

Greetings SEGA,

What if you could make a handheld system that could eat into the Nintendo DS market by making what is essentially only a controller?

 Imagine that.  A fraction of the cost and you would have your own portable system more powerful than Nintendo’s DS, and rivaling Sony’s PSP, by only making an accessory.

... Analog controls coupled with a multi-axis accelerometer would be utterly amazing for controlling a fighting or first person game.  Imagine tilting the system to strafe, but still having a real button to fire.  All this in a Hand held system would put that system miles above the competition.  

Delve into the post for the rest of the letter and more mockup pics.