"The Most Challenging Job in Tech": John Chen's Blackberry Handset Plan Must Include Android

I tease my uncle every time he brandishes his Z-10. Blackberry’s hardware is great (save the Storm click screen), but their ecosystem has been dying a slow painful death for quite a while. It goes without saying that all of Blackberry has more than a-foot-in-the-grave. It’s doubtful that Apple or someone else won’t run them out of town in enterprise eventually. They need the consumer market. 


So, I wonder if new CEO John Chen has a primary plan for saving Blackberry’s hobbled handset business other than selling consumers handsets running Android. If he does, I wonder what that plan is and how much this 'other plan' is worth. If he doesn’t have another plan, I wonder how much the insight and fortitude to sell consumers handsets running Android is worth. I shouldn't think it too expensive considering the abundance of logic in favor of such a maneuver... oh wait.