Honda Designers Have Been Years Behind Themselves and Modders

My 1994 Honda accord coupe is on the left below, and the all new 2013 Honda Accord coupe on the right. Notice a resemblance between the two? I do.

1994 Accord Coupe circa '99 (Greddy Front Spoiler, Custom Grill, PIAA fogs)  |  2013 HFP Accord Coupe   

1994 Accord Coupe circa '99 (Greddy Front Spoiler, Custom Grill, PIAA fogs)  |  2013 HFP Accord Coupe


I've owned three vehicles, of which my 1994 Honda Accord Coupe was the first. As such, it has special meaning to me and I may be somewhat biased. Still, I believe anyone would agree that the '94 model is one of the best designed Honda Accord Coupes to date. It carried subdued lines that were simple, timeless and beautiful.

Even now, seeing a 1994 Coupe next to a 1999 Coupe, one would be all but certain that the '99 Accord is the older model. I would argue that it has continued this way, with the 1994 remaining much more of a timeless design than Accord models from 1999 to 2007.  Keep in mind here that I am only referring to the Honda Accord Coupe and not the sedan, which carried on its fugliness through 2012. Those years were a kind of dark-age for the Accord, where at least styling wise, customers essentially bought an old american car, but not classic-good-looking-1969-old.

Getting back to their senses, Honda's design team seems to have created the 2013 9th generation Accord Coupe by blending the 1994 5th generation Accord Coupe with the 2008 8th generation Accord Coupe.  What results is a beautiful design that should have arrived at least by 2008. In fact, modders and tinkerers could have told Honda  that the current Honda Accord should have been a natural iteration in 1998.

If I may reminisce a bit further on that 1994 Accord Coupe. Notice the open grill design, created by modifying the stock grille, throwing on a bit of paint, and inserting a deeply recessed mesh from good ol' Home Depot in the rear. A Greddy G-Racer front lip spoiler, and a pair of PIAA fogs complimented the front fascia beautifully. Clear side view markers created a wrap around head light look a good while before wrap around headlights became ubiquitous. The overall effect was a car that looks a lot like the rightful parent of the current generation Coupe.

Other modifications to my old '94 Accord included a custom mounted steering wheel remote control, 18 inch chrome Focal F5 wheels, Greddy Exhaust, generic cold air intake, double strut tower bar, Neuspeed Sport suspension and of course a distortion free sound system (rms, not peak, was my friend). Take a trip with me down memory lane in the gallery below.

All this reminiscing to say, 'Kudos Honda.'  The all new Accord looks like a Honda. It looks great, and you should have made it years ago.