The Infiniti Q60 and Other Stupid Car Names

According to Motor Trend, Infiniti is set to unveil its all new "very, very, very, very close to [production]" Q60 at the upcoming Detroit Auto Show around mid January next year. Without condemning the yet to be revealed vehicle too much, the fact that I am not eagerly awaiting the all new 2016 "G37” or “G38” has left a bad taste in my mouth, possibly the remnants of curse words. I am more than a bit annoyed that I will not be able to refer to the impending vehicle as the “G Coupe”. I’m troubled in part because people who truly like cars probably get what's in a name and understand that a rose called 'protoplasma' [sic] smells a little less sweet.

The annoyance has led to this post and the following free points for automobile manufacturers: (1) I don't care what Don Draper or the ying-to-his-yang from Wharton tells you, people remember words best, and, (2) where fortune smiles on you and more than a modicum of success exists with an arbitrary silly alphanumeric nomenclature, leave it alone. 

The Buckeye Stops Here: Tesla Motors' Battle With Ohio Auto Dealers Association

One more win for Tesla Motors against yet another Auto Dealer Association:

"Yesterday, a House committee declined to take up a one-paragraph amendment pushed by the Ohio Auto Dealers Association that would have blocked Tesla’s business model by prohibiting an automaker from owning an auto dealership. Dealers wanted to stick the amendment into a noncontroversial bill that would require drivers to move over when approaching a road-maintenance vehicle. But with Tesla representatives pushing hard, the committee passed the bill yesterday without amendments."

The Columbus Dispatch

It is understandable for automotive dealerships to be extremely fearful that their industry may one day be rendered obsolete by Tesla’s sales model. It is also understandable that auto-dealerships would like to get their hands on some of the money passing from consumers to Tesla. The question is whether auto-dealerships are entitled to remain in business or share in Tesla’s profits.

Honda Designers Have Been Years Behind Themselves and Modders

Honda Designers Have Been Years Behind Themselves and Modders

I've owned three vehicles, of which my 94 Honda Accord Coupe was the first. As such it has special meaning and I may be somewhat biased. Notwithstanding my bias, I believe reasonable persons would agree that this model is one of the best designed Honda Accord Coupes to date. It carried subdued lines that were simple and timeless.

Even now, seeing a 1994 Coupe next to a 1999 Coupe, one would be all but certain that the '99 Accord is the older model. I would argue that it has continued this way, with the 1994 remaining much more of a timeless design than Accord models from 1999 to 2007.  Keep in mind here that I am only referring to the Honda Accord Coupe and not the sedan, which carried on its fugliness through 2012. Those years were a kind of dark ages for the Accord, where at least styling wise, customers essentially bought an old american car, but not classic-good-looking-1969-old.