Really Microsoft? "Facebook [!?] to acquire Oculus Rift"

Are you as surprised as I am that we didn't see a headline earlier this week stating that Microsoft was to acquire Oculus Rift VR company? Sony's Project Morpheus announced earlier this month, looks great. Microsoft will need to compete and have been working on an unannounced VR headset all their own. However, It would've seemed that Microsoft could have hit back doubly hard by acquiring the tried and true Oculus and their IP. 

I could have even seen licensing deal since VR headsets seem to be a cross between your display screen and controller. Both those things are often sold by third parties and licensed all the time. Additionally, Oculus being already built for PCs seemingly would need to go to no great lengths to work with Xbox One.  

Of course the scarier thing is the still looming possibility, of just such a licensing deal, where our games are riddled with targeted advertisements and Facebook "content partnerships". Let us hope Microsoft is so confident in their upcoming VR headset (and rightly so) that purchasing Oculus made little sense, and we will not soon be exposed to the horror of the aforementioned.

One thing is for sure, Oculus has lost tremendous nerd-points (they're like Bitcoins) with this move, and the backlash is only just beginning.