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Really Microsoft? "Facebook [!?] to acquire Oculus Rift"

Are you as surprised as I am that we didn't see a headline earlier this week stating that Microsoft was to acquire Oculus Rift VR company? Sony's Project Morpheus announced earlier this month, looks great. Microsoft will need to compete and have been working on an unannounced VR headset all their own. However, It would've seemed that Microsoft could have hit back doubly hard by acquiring the tried and true Oculus and their IP. 

I could have even seen licensing deal since VR headsets seem to be a cross between your display screen and controller. Both those things are often sold by third parties and licensed all the time. Additionally, Oculous being already built for PCs seemingly would need to go to no great lengths to work with Xbox One.  

ONE is greater than 4: Getting an XBOX One instead of a Playstation 4

ONE is greater than 4: Getting an XBOX One instead of a Playstation 4

Let's set out some ground rules right up front. First, if you plan on purchasing a Xbox One or a PS4 because of a game title exclusive to either system, you may not be able to relate or you may feel differently. Having only purchased Nintendo game consoles for Zelda, this is understandable.

Second, if you are purchasing either system purely for some core spec, this will not apply to you. Gotta have the fastest ram despite the ability to discern real world performance gain? Having used a HP 48G graphing calculator as opposed to a TI-86 (until my statistical-design-undoing), this is also understandable... 

Those things aside, the Xbox One is the the system to buy; it seems like the next-gen system between the two. 

The Nintendo Pii U

A few days ago, I clicked over to to settle into a nice rumor binge about the Xbox 720, or infinity, or whatever the Xbox 360 successor will be called. Those plans were quickly derailed as I noticed a headline that read 'EA Senior Engineer: Wii U is crap’. How do I not click that?

That link lead to the most fantastic series of tweets from an EA senior engineer, Bob Summerwill, tearing the Wii-U and Nintendo a new one. Just then I remembered something: somewhere in my house there was a Wii-U. It had been there for quite a while. My cousin had left it in my care for safe keeping and enjoyment while he set sail on his summer-sea-term. I also remembered that he had returned my 'Zelda: Skyward Sword', which I purchased for the Wii, but never played for more than an hour.