The Best Lawyer Briefcase: Bosca's Old Leather Partner's Brief

Some products are good because they are well designed. That is, they are functional, good looking, and give no cause to question the taste or decision-making-ability of the user. Better products also come with a great warranty. The best products, have the aforementioned, but come with a lifetime warranty, or a continuing guarantee of performance, and excellent customer service. 

Bosca's "Partner's Brief" is among the best of products, and if you need a lawyer bag, it should more than do the job.  

The Partner's Brief is excellently designed. Seriously it's beautiful, especially in Cognac. The use of metal, on the handle and and the lock exudes quality. The metal you don't see also screams quality, such as the metal that is leather wrapped in the classic hinge mechanism. On sight, one instantly feels that this is a briefcase that has been used by professionals for as long as old world professions have existed. On unboxing and unwrapping the case, you also immediately understand that you've just bought the last briefcase you'll ever need to buy. It is a lifer. The opposite of planned obsolescence in all it's leather and metal and lined canvas. No doubt it will look even better as it ages and it feels solid.

Specification wise, the case has three large sized compartments for files and a laptop, organizational pockets, and a large zipped compartment for envelopes and other supplies. The padded laptop compartment, sits in the middle and is a great fit for a 15 inch MacBook Pro (see the gallery below of the case with a 15" MacBook Pro). The Briefs rigid outer casing also offers additional laptop protection.

As well designed as the Partner's Brief is, that is hardly its most impressive feature. The most impressive feature is Bosca's warranty and excellent customer service. 

I make a habit of purchasing American products where those products are well-made, fairly priced, and meet my needs. This is how I purchased my first Bosca product - a simple, slim, soft-leather, black case complete with a shoulder strap. I used that briefcase for over 10 years beginning right out of undergrad. I stocked it with laptop and paper and schlepped it at all over the Northeast.  After law school I picked up my old briefcase once again, and noticed that the locking mechanism which actually held the case closed was worn, which caused it to pop open whenever I put anything of decent weight inside. Remembering that Bosca had an excellent warranty, I decided to send it in for repair.

Dealing with Bosca was very pleasant, especially for a product I had purchased over a decade ago. It was a painless process to get an RMA number and return the damaged case. Bosca quickly told me that it could not be repaired and in the same breath asked me to visit their website and select a briefcase which would be mine at no charge whatsoever. After a little research the Partner Brief was a no-brainer. I quickly called back. The same customer service person answered and I made her aware of my selection. I was met with joy that I had found something and an apology for the company not being able to repair my old briefcase.

My final question to Bosca was 'how much to add a monogram.' Their answer: "don't worry about it." I can't recommend the Partner's Brief and Bosca as a company enough. Its the best of both worlds, an excellent American product, with stellar customer service.