4.7” iPhone 6 front Panel: confirmed super durable, super clear - likely sapphire

At this rate its safe to bet eating your hat, that at least the 4.7 inch iPhone, will have a vastly superior display cover to anything that has come before it. Sonny Dickson and Marques Brownlee has confirmed the iPhone 6 display cover as being super durable and high quality, and likely made of sapphire crystal. Sonny Dickson’s tests were fairly mild, as can be seen below:

However, MKBHD applied damage tests above and beyond what a typical phone would encounter in your pocket, going so far as stabbing the screen with a knife, and stepping on and seriously bending back the panel without incident. Still, since I typically take decent care of my phone, the best news out of all of this is the apparent clarity of the display panel. It appears to be perfectly clear and like looking through nothing at all. Check out MKBHD's demo below:

Below is a screenshot of MKB's bend, compared to Apple's bend of the iPhone 5s panel in their "Better" advertisement.

This all but confirms that the iPhone 6 will at least have a 4.7 inch version with a very durable, high quality display, likely sapphire crystal. It looks as if I may finally get myself to live without the dreaded but seemingly necessary screen protector