Am I a fanboy?

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Before you answer that question, let me tell you a few things about myself that may help inform your judgment. First, I have a computer science degree and usually make reasoned purchasing decisions when it comes to technology, not all of which is based on pure specifications. I have never waited in a crazy line or camped out to buy an iPhone. Second, I have a law degree; this may be relevant as an indicator that I have a modicum of logical reasoning ability. Third, I like engineers and companies that make some attempt or strive toward caring about more than the products they sell, if for no other reason than that it is good business practice. For example, I prefer Westinghouse and Tesla to Edison. Lastly, I like and truly appreciate, companies such as Intel, Microsoft and Google. I use their products daily and have done so for many years. For example, I’ve built my Windows desktops since the early days of the Intel Retail Edge program, and my personal Gmail address is simply ‘my very common name’ (at) gmail (dot) com.

Now that you have some background about me, here are 10 reasons why I easily choose iPhone and iOS over Android and the plethora of available Nexonaxy devices.

Much better Apps.

iOS has vastly superior Apps.     

iOS is to “openness” as Android is to "security".

Many people who know I’m a bit of a tech geek often question why I have an iPhone and go on to “explain” the advantages of "openness" by way of customizability on Android. Usually, these people have never written so much as “Hello World” in any programming language, and take openness to mean the ability to re-skin their Android device. Those who understand what openness truly means, understand that when a platform is more open it typically means that it is also less secure. 

OSX and iOS integration.

Since, I use a MacBook Pro as my main machine I benefit from the many programs that sync over iCloud between my phone and laptop. The upcoming 'continuity' feature in OSX Yosemite and iOS 8 make it a no brainer for me to stick with Apple’s OSes.  

Designed in the USA.

I like when good American companies and products succeed. Whenever I am able to support a genuinely good American product, I feel like I win twice. Sure, I understand that iPhones are assembled outside of America, but they are also “designed by Apple in California”. The same cannot be said for the vast majority of Android devices. Whenever you find yourself wondering about the conditions of workers assembling Apple's devices, also ask yourself what you know about the workers assembling Samsung's devices. Both are valid questions.

Counterfeit products suck for all of us.

Using Android, companies outside of the U.S. have been able to make counterfeit products in certain countries, where Google has lost control of Android OS. Its not entirely Google's fault here, still...   

iOS’ functionality and aesthetic.

Just as many people like the way Android looks and functions, I like the way iOS looks and functions. Is it perfect? No. However, for me it is better and more polished than Android. "Notification center" complaints is simply making a mountain out of a molehill.   

Excellent Hardware.

iPhones are superior hardware. They are fast and reliable and the camera is always amazing for its current generation without the compromises of the competition. I understand the silicon in every electronic device I buy. If I wanted a real camera, I would purchase one instead of a Nokia smartphone. Apple plays chess from a hardware standpoint as the competition plays checkers; this will become clearer the next time you slide your finger to unlock your Android device.

Apple genuinely cares about privacy.

The company's care for customer privacy is shown throughout its actions. From the implementation of TouchID and its accompanying hardware, to transparency in forking over customers’ information to those who would request it, I appreciate the company’s position.   

No (or very few) Gimmicks.

Living in New York I am constantly inundated with gimmicks, and nothingness spruced up to be “new and cool.” Since manufacturers who sell devices with Android OS are competing but using the same OS, Android devices are often bogged down with hardware and software gimmicks, such as skins.    

Investment in Apple's ecosystem.

I have invested a significant amount of money in Apple's Ecosystem over the years. Even today, I purchase music from iTunes, and I purchase apps from the app store. “Purchase.” Software. It still happens folks.


I have my reasons for buying just about everything I buy that isn’t an absolute necessity. For me, Apple is an American company making superior products and so easily win my dollar over the competition. I recognize that Android OS, is now very good. So, based on my reasons above for choosing Apple and iOS, am I an Apple or iPhone fanboy?