iPhone 6 Plus: The Burden of Abundance and Choice

"Featuring a larger, more advanced display, and significant leaps in capability and performance, iPhone 6 and 6 Plus represent the biggest advancement in design and engineering since we introduced the original iPhone." - Apple

It has been one week since Apple announced new iPhone models. During that time, the commentary has been most surprising (although maybe it should not be) on many popular tech sites and from video bloggers surrounding the larger model, the iPhone 6 Plus. Some people seem taken back at just 'how large' the 5.5 inch iPhone 6 Plus appears. I use "appears" since many, like myself, have not had a chance to experience the phone in person. Even individuals claiming that the iPhone 6 (as opposed to the 6 Plus) will be their next device seldom talk about the iPhone 6. Stranger still, persons with no plans to purchase an iPhone 6 Plus, and with seemingly no good reason to do so, have heavily focused on this phone. Without ranting too much, I believe this exemplifies a common problem in our society; namely, the burden of abundance and choice. It is as if Apple had only released one phone and that phone was polarizing for a whole host of reasons, but really only one reason. Either it is too large for persons with small hands, or it cannot fit in a particular pocket, or one-handed-use is dead, or Android phones with similar screen sizes feel smaller, or the pixel density is behind the times, or the name is silly, etc.

All this leads me to think that iPhone 6 Plus sales will be huge, dwarfing Galaxy Note 4 sales. In fact, after Apple’s keynote I thought it wasn’t so much 'Switzerland that was in trouble’, as much as the Galaxy Note 4. To add insult to injury and hoist themselves higher by their own petard, Samsung has taken to running an advertisement highlighting the fact that people now have a choice between the Galaxy Note 4 and an iPhone with similar dimensions.

"Samsung Mobile invented the large display genre, but The Next Big Thing is about more than just size. As the rest of the world catches up to the "not everyone wants a tiny screen" thing, the Galaxy Note 4 is more productive, more innovative and more fun than ever." - Samsung

I’ve been waiting for a larger iPhone since getting rid of my iPad, which I used too infrequently to justify keeping. However, I read books on my iPhone enough to warrant a larger screen, plus I’m a proponent of singularity and simplicity in my own life. As such, I plan on picking-up a 128Gb Space Gray iPhone 6 Plus. I will be upgrading from an iPhone 5, which still seems pretty decent today. My other reasons for upgrading are, my 2 year upgrade cycle, and decent resale price for a 2-year-old iPhone which mitigates my out of pocket expense. The latter is huge; for my last few iPhones I’ve typically added less than $80 USD to purchase the latest and greatest iPhone model on a 2-year contract after reselling my old device.

What do you plan on getting, an iPhone 6, 6 Plus, or maybe a Moto X? (which also looks kind of amazing).